Technical data

If you need to take off and land at Bornholm Airport, you will need the following technical information.

Last updated 11-01-2022

Airport name: Bornholm Airport
Managing authority: The Danish Civil Aviation and Railway Authority (
Mailing address: Søndre landevej 2. DK-3700 Rønne
Phone: +45 56 95 26 26
Fax: +45 56 93 02 22
Nearest town: Rønne 5 km
Airport reference point: 55 03 48N 014 45 34E
Fire and rescue service: CAT 5 and scheduled aircraft, Fire and Rescue Service CAT 6 and 7 PPR AIP January 2023
Runway classifications: Code: 4C,Type: PA-1, Length: 2,000 m., Surface: Asphalt
Taxiway: Taxiway A, B and C - asphalt
Forecourt: Concrete and asphalt
Danish time: Summer UTC + 2 hours, Winter UTC + 1 hour
Navigation aids: ILS/DME CAT 1, VOR, Locator FAU, VDF
Height above sea level: 52 FT
ICAO abbreviation: EKRN
IATA abbreviation: RNN
Airport Manager: Jimmi Holm Hansen
Air service: André Madsen, Naviair