Charges regulations

Last updated 11-01-2022

General provisions

§ 1

For aircraft using Bornholm Airport fees are paid in accordance with these tariff regulations.

PCS 2. The charges stated are all exclusive of VAT

PCS 3. The fees are subject to VAT in accordance with the applicable legal provisions at any given time.

Take-off charges

§ 2

The take-off charge is calculated based on the aircraft’s MTOW as stated below. The charge is payable per take-off and amount to:

  Per 1.000 kilo or part thereof Minimum charge
a. Aircraft up to 2.000 kg:   DKK 66,00
b. Aircraft over 2.000 kg: DKK 36,00 DKK 168,00

PCS 2. The above taxes may be reduced or waived under the conditions mentioned in § 3 and § 4.


§ 3

For school and practice flights a full fee is paid for the first flight while for the subsequent flights 70 % reduction is granted.

PCS. 2. In case of larger series of school and training flights agreements can be made and the airport manager will make special prices and conditions.

PCS. 3. For school and practice flight” touch and go” or interrupted approach to landing is considered a take-off.

PCS. 4. Take-off with gliders with motor aircraft, aircraft with parachutists or ultralight aircraft are considered as school and training flight.

PCS. 5. For obtaining a reduction, notification must be made in advance to the airport.

Passenger charge

§ 4

There are no passenger fees at Bornholm Airport.

Parking charge

§ 5

A parking charge at the airport in open air, a fee of DKK 10.00 must be paid for each commenced 24 hour period in addition to the first 6 hours for each commenced 1,000 kilo of the aircraft’s maximum permissible take-off mass in accordance with the certificate of airworthiness/ flight manual.

The minimum fee is DKK 36.00

PCS. 2. Residence charges may, in case of rent for at period not less than one month, be replaced by a rental fee determined by agreement with the airport. The rental fee is paid in advance and is not refundable, even if the stay will extend over a shorter period. Subletting is not allowed.

Opening fees

§ 6

For opening and use of the airport outside normal opening hours, a fee of DKK 1,250.00 per commenced hour from the time the airport is opened on request and for air handling is completed or for the normal opening hours of the airport. If the current regulations require fire preparedness or is this requested the fee is DKK 3,100.00 per commenced hour.

PCS. 2. Opening fee is paid for each individual aircraft regardless of whether the airport has already been requisitioned open.

PCS. 3. If the airport is requested to be opened for the simultaneous of several aircraft belonging to the same airline only fee is paid per commenced hour calculated according to the aircraft for which the highest charge is to be paid.

PCS. 4. In case where the airport is notified of the opening 30 days in advance the opening fee is reduced by 25 %.

Tax exemption

§ 7

Exemption from payment of the start fee applies to:

a)Test flight at the request of the Civil Aviation Administration to determine the airworthiness of an aircraft.

b)Technical control flight for commercial aviation operators when the flight is performed with take-off and landing at the same airport without a stopover elsewhere.

c) 9Gliders with out their own engine power.

d) Technical return by which means take-off after forced return as a result of technical disturbances weather obstacles and similar to the airport from which take off has taken place.

e) Aircraft in rescue and search services.

f) Danish and foreign military aircraft that are not entered in civil aircraft register.

g) Aircraft owns or leased by the Civil Aviation Administration.

h) Aircraft used exclusively for the carriage of representatives of foreign states or UN personnel as well as police, customs and control aircraft of foreign states.

PCS. 2. The condition for obtaining an exemption to a, b, and c, is that separate notification is made in advance to the airport.

PCS. 3. Exemption from payment of the subsistence fees referred to in paragraph 5 applies to those in subsection (1) section e, f, g and h mentioned aircraft.

Other provisions

§ 8

Fees according to these regulations shall be paid in cash to the airport office prior to each scheduled flight. However, if airlines or individuals uses the airport regularly, an agreement can be made with the airport management on periodic billing in arrears. The terms of such settlement are listed in section 9 below.

PCS. 2. In the event of no payment without prior agreement an administrative fee of DKK 60.00 will be added to the invoice.

PCS. 3. In the event of failure to pay charges the provisions of sections 71 and 146 of the Civil Aviation Act on foreclosure and the right of retention shall apply.

§ 9

In case of an agreement on periodic settlement in arrears, cf. section 8, subsequent 1, the timely payment date for an invoice is 30 days due to the invoice date. Interests is charged for non-timely payment with 1,3 % for each commenced month after the last timely payment date. To cover costs in connection with the reminder procedure a fee of DKK 50.00 is charged for each time a reminder is sent out.

PCS. 2 If an invoice, interests and reminders fee are not paid recovery can take place by foreclosure.

§ 10

For Handling as well as for other requested services payment is made on account.

§ 11

The Ministry of Transport may in special circumstances grant dispensation from the provisions of these tariff regulation

PCS 2. In cases where it is not of principle or greater economic importance, dispensation may be granted by the airport manager.

§ 12

This regulation shall enter on 1 January 2001 and shall remain until further notice. At the same time the tariff regulations for the Civil Aviation Administration’s airports of 1 January 1998 will be repealed.